Sunday, July 27, 2008

Karate Tournament!!

This past weekend, I competed in an International Karate Competion. Kata(forms) competition was on friday, July 18, and Sparring(fighting) competition was on sunday, July 20. That weekend was a blast! I met new friends, learned new stuff and just had so much fun, it was almost like i was on vacation except for the fact i live in the town where the competition was held, but we stayed in the hotel anyways just because it is easier than getting up early and driving back and forth.

~In the pictures i have posted, the first picture is of Me(Ana) and my best friend since 2nd grade Niki.
~The second picture is of Me(Ana) and Kris(the guy i met that weekend) at the banquet.
~The third picture is of Me(Ana) and Kris again at the banquet but wearing different clothes.
~And the fourth picture is of Me(Ana) and my Cool Aunt Janis at the banquet all dressed up.