Saturday, February 13, 2010


Oh my goodness. wow i havent written in months. lots has happened since i wrote last. I started my junior year of high school at a new school. Southeast Career Technical Academy. My major is cosmetology. so if you need a haircut or manicure call me up :) i met lots of great new friends there :) one of them being my best girl friend Cera. who recently moved to new york :( i miss her tonss :( I made the varsity soccer team at tech and we are going to playoffs for the first time in girl soccer history at my school which is like 50 years :) so proud of my girls. I got a boyfriend. :) we are going to dinner tonightt :) im excitedd
learned so much these past few months and still learning. loving lifee :)
<3 love you guys
will write laterrr <3